Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Informative Links Related To Circumcision For The Sake Of Education

There is one blog that it always up to date on information pertaining to circumcision but I have just recently been handed the name of another blog that literally caused my jaw to drop when I saw all the info (on more then just circumcision)! My go to blog was always peaceful parenting but now Im super intrigued and still digging my way through Peacefully Raising A Harvest. The link that the blogs owner gave me sent me straight to her list of links to all the places that you can find correct and up to date info. I was so excited that someone had actually compiled a list of all the places. As I sit at my computer night after night making notes and writing down links and facts and debunking myths to use in my post Im happy that I now have this page to refer to. I hope that these links also help others that may be on the fence about whether to do it or not to their baby boy or for those that think there is nothing wrong with it and that its better, I hope they can see through the wool that has been pulled over our eyes for generations and save our sons from the torment of having a perfectly functioning body part ripped and cut of.

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