Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012 ~ 11 Years After

11 years ago to day I was getting ready for school, i was a freshman in high school. I remember my mom telling me to come down stairs and looking on the tv and seeing smoke coming from the World Trade Center. I stood there as I listened to the panic, reading the words scrolling across the tv. By the time I got to school the second tower had been hit. I remember all of us being pulled out of school and sitting in the library watching the panic on tv. People were dying right in front of us, people were literally jumping from the towers to escape the fire, families were being torn apart and destroyed. I remember watching as the towers collapsed, feeling pain and terror from what was to come. I remember hearing that a third plane crashed into the Pentagon and that a forth plane crashed into a field possibly in route to the White House. This country would never be the same, no one would ever be the same. I sit here and wonder 11 years later if it could have been stopped, if those families could have been spared. I think about when my boys are old enough to ask about it, I think about what they will say when they learn about it in school. Will they truly understand the magnitude of the pain and destruction that happened? I pray that in their lifetime they are spared that amount of pain and sorrow.

I also remember the government wanting to hide the photos, the videos and the stories from the public. They didnt want people to see it anymore. That want people to move on like nothing happened. After awhile people stopped talking about it. It was a scar on the country that people wanted to cover up and hide, that some people still want to cover up and hide. I dont feel like hiding what happened. We need to always remember what happened, remember the lives that were lost. What happened brought us closer as a nation. 

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