Sunday, January 15, 2012

Going On 33 Weeks

Ya i slightly forgot to post after my ultrasound last week, guess ive had alot on my mind. With an anatomy ultrasound its medically acceptable for a baby to be +/- 2 weeks from your EDD, they also can be off by +/- 2 pounds. Well Trystan measured 2 weeks behind! I know I shouldnt worry but it makes me think back to Dante and him measuring 4 weeks behind at 32 weeks and im scared that Trystan is headed that way now. By the time i got home i had a voicemail from my doctors office and when they called back the next day it was to inform me that i was to be starting weekly visits on the 19th instead of next month, that means two more appts this month.

Idk its just hard seeing things that you know dont always mean somethings wrong but that can mean its headed that way and trying not to worry. Although it did make me look at my current habits and realize ive slacked on somethings that could cause his growth to slow (besides me bp issues). I had slacked on taking my prenatal pills, slacked on eating healthy and working out. We dont plan on going back to the gym till after Trystan comes so that means i have to focus on my eating habits more then anything now. Im trying to increase my protein intake and everything and ive noticed since i started that Trystan has been getting more and more active.

Im also trying to get my mom to take Dante for a week or so. We have two bedrooms upstairs that need to be completely tore apart, cleaned and organized. Its going to be alot of work and with a 3 year old on my heels would not be too easy. Anyway... my next checkup is Thursday the 19th, i will be 33weeks 2days and im praying it goes good.

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