Friday, January 20, 2012

Its going to be a LONG night :(

Ugg its going to be a very long night, dante has thrown up a few times since about 7pm and its now a little after 12:30am. Tim has offered to stay up with him so i can rest but i dont think my mommy instinct would let me sleep when i know my baby is sick, so most likely it will be both of us not sleeping and making for a very interesting day tomorrow. Im hoping its just a tummy virus cause when dante asked for his gateraide it came right back up and he seems to be fine but i have him in a warm bath anyway. Im thinking we will take him to the clinic in the AM to be looked at anyway just to be safe. After such a good prenatal appointment today this had to happen :(  oh the life of a parent.

So about my appointment lol when i got called back the nurse informed me that my ob was across the parking lot at the hospital delivering a baby (the 4th of the morning) and i would be seeing someone else. I ended up with the ob that delivered Dante in 2008 lol and i didnt recognize him when he walked in the room! He lost alot of weight since i last saw him. Same doctor i remember though, loves to pick on me lol he said im measuring right on track and Trystans hb was great. Asked me to take a Non Stress Test (NST) which is where the attach a heartrate monitor and contraction monitor to your stomack and have you track movement for a time period. It was only suppost to take 20 minutes but someone decided to be a brat and go to sleep as soon as i was attached so 1 hour and an apple juice later he finally started kicking around. By the time that was over my ob was back and amazed that my bp was perfect and said i can schedual another growth ultrasound for Wednesday and we will go from there.

I was soooooo happy walking out of that office earlier. Just roughly 4 more weeks till im in the safe zone and considered fullterm and rouhly 7 more weeks till im 40 weeks! Its so strange though cause after last week everything is new to me. Im experiencing all the 'fun' last couple months for the first time. Ok well i need to get shorty out of the bath and hope we all get alittle sleep.

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