Sunday, December 30, 2012

As 2012 Comes To A Close...

(this may contain an overload of photos lol)

I reflect on what has happened this year. We just finished with the holidays and celebrated Dante's 4th birthday early and his true birthday is today. This year like every year has had its ups and downs, good moments and bad moments.  We started out the year happy and looking forward to the future and wound up fighting for my life and our sons life just a few weeks later. Im glad to say that both boys are healthy and happy now and I hope to never have to see either of them in the hospital ever again.

I have started things and stopped things and kicked myself in the ass more then once. I have so much that I wanted to do this year and wasnt able to do or even come close to doing. I have so much and more that I want to do in this coming year. I have made some small steps to lead in the direction that I want to go and take my family in but seriously it seems like something always stops me. I do plan on making a post on January 1st detailing what I want to get done and what I think I will be able to do but for now heres some recent photos.

Christmas ~

Dante's Early Bday ~ 

Dante's Birthday Lunch ~ 

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