Monday, December 10, 2012

No-Poo ~ One Month In

Ok so the last time I posted about my no-poo experience was November the 25th, since then I kinda slacked but havent used commercial shampoo or conditioner though. I washed my hair on November 28th, December 2nd and then slacked and went an entire week without washing me hair. I also slacked and didnt get photos on the 2nd.  Im still rather enjoying this although it has brought to light some hair issues that I have.

First thing is that the ends of my hair are seriously split and dry. I knew the I needed to go in and have it trimmed and relayer but i didnt think it was as bad as it is, I will probably need a couple inches taken off of each layer which Im not liking since I promised myself  I would not cut a sizable amount of hair off till I reach my goal wait which at the earliest wont be till next Summer. I want to be able to donate more then the minimum of 10 inches to locks for love.

Also I realized how badly I want to change my hair color. I have chosen a medium blonde that is called Pearl Copper, will post image below of it. Im hoping it turns out good and not too orange or copper looking but Im willing to take the chance I mean after all I did accidentily turn my hair orange once before anyway lol but it wont be till after Christmas that this happens since I need to get my hair cut first.

Anyway I will try to post weekly as promised but with Christmas, Dante's bday and a few other things in the next couple months it may be less often.

this is what the medium blonde Pearl Copper is suppose to look like so I guess we will have to wait and see

Ok the top three are from November 28th
The bottom three are from yesterday December 9th

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