Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life Goes On With Or Without You

As much as I would love to stay in bed every morning and never get up I know that I have to.  I have people that depend on me, mainly my son.  It seems that we are always getting the short end of the stick too. 

So in January Tim's fathers social security check was accidently deposited into our account cause apparently Tim and his father both updated checking account info around the same time.  Any way when we first brought it to their attention they threatened to have us arrested for their mistake!  Anyway... we didnt hear from them till we recieved a letter from them stating they were listing it as an overpayment on Tim's and Dante's checks, ok fine so now all I had to do was write out a check to them and send it to them, well done.  Well then a month later there is no cashing of the check and we contacted them and they never recieved it so I went online and put a stop payment on it and listed it as lost.  So when we were in Bend on the 10th of March we went into the local office and wrote a new check and handed it over and they gave us proof of payment and everything.  Well a week later it was cashed, thank god!  Well then we recieve a letter stating that Tim's and Dante's checks are going to be docked to pay back the money so of course I panic and Tim calls them only to be told that its fine that that letter was auto sent and didnt reflect the payment we made, ok so we are safe right.  Well on April 1st the checks are deposited into my account and I write out all of the checks to pay the bills.  Well then Saturday morning, the 2nd, I wake up to only check my email and find a notification from my bank stating that I have no money and actually Im in the red for almost $200!  I freak!  Of course with it being a Saturday we cant do a fucking thing.  So Im crying and upset and for the only time in my life I have to ask my grandfather for money.  Of course I get a lecture from him and he was totally in the wrong though saying that I shouldnt use online banking but if it wasnt for the online banking I would have never known about it to begin with.  I mean how does a check that has a stop payment on it still get fucking cashed!  Anyway when Monday came around Tim called Social Security and they told him that they show that only one check, the last one we wrote out, was cashed.  Anyway me not think I didnt bother to check my account till after he called.  When I finally checked it the money was back it there!  OMG I have never been so fucking happy to log onto my account lol.  Anyway I have so been thinking about how this could have happened and Im wondering that since it went through on a Saturday that the computer just wasnt able to catch it till Monday. 

Also we are having difficulties in potty training our 27 month old son.  One week he is all excited about sitting on the potty and will even sneak off and we catch him sitting on it, fully clothed, so we pull his pants down and remove his diaper and he will sit there for a few minutes then get off.  Well then the next week he acts as if he is terrified of it!  Like today, when he went to take a bath he kept seeing pee pee so I put his poty cushion on the toilet and his stool in front of it and he freaked.  He started backing our of the bathroom almost ready to cry.  Ugg I knew that little boys can be stubborn when it comes to this but come on! 

I just dont know anymore what to do.

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