Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Just Need To Scream!

Maybe then I will feel better!  One minute Im happy and living my life then the next my life gets turned upside down as always.  Ya this so has to do with my mom.  Well I can remember if I talked about what she did with her truck or not already so the short version is: she was days away from the dealership here (yes there is a thriving dealership in a town of less then 500 ppl) repoing her truck due to her breaking the contract and not paying what she was supposed to pay.  Well she up and went to a dealership up where she is and traded the truck into them and got $11,000 roughly for it (they are reselling it for roughly $16,000).  Anyway that dealership called the one here and made a ten day payoff and gave them $3,000 to pay off the truck.  Well that left $8,000 that she could have pocketed and walked with.  Well what do you think she did?  She bought a car from the lot for the $8,000 instead, she didnt need a car they have a Yukan and neither of them work so its not like they need to vehicals!  I was fucking pissed!  She knew she could have walked with that money and she knew that she should have paid my grandfather (her dad) back the money HE paid to the dealership for her truck payment and the money that HE paid for her truck insurance!  She also is supposed to pay me $200 a month for the cell phone bill and guess what I have seen any of that money!  She could have gave me a little to cover some of what she owes me!  It just fucking pisses me off that she says that she loves me but she always fucking thinks of herself and her fucking fiance first!  She knew that the money she owed me would go to me fixing my car or getting a different one altogether!  Now cause of her I cant afford to fix my car so Im gonna have to junk both of them and its gonna take me months and months to save for a car.  We got into a huge fight through facebook messages and I told her unless I see $200 by the 9th of April then the phone will be shut off and then she started threatening me.  I finally got tired of it and told her to stay out of my life and out of my sons life.  Im finally done with my mom and even though I feel bad about how and what happened its something I know I should have done along time ago.  Time doesnt heal all wounds, it just makes it easier to live with them.

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