Sunday, May 22, 2011

Been Neglecting This Blog

I have been so focused on exercising, weight loss, eating healthier and just plain old life that I have been neglecting this blog for sometime.  A lot has happened since the last time I posted.  The last time I posted in this blog was at the beginning of April.  Since then My mom and I haven't had any contact other then when I contacted her to inform her that my grandfather's aunt had passed away.  Tim and I officially have our own cell phone account with new numbers and new phones.  A week after we did that I called our old numbers to check and see if they were still in use and both his and mine are no longer connected (Robert's isn't either), called my moms number off of the house phone here and hers is somehow still on.  We where the only ones paying it and she as far as we know doesn't have an income so I'm guess she got her bf's mom to pay the bill but that's a lot of money.  We stopped paying it a couple months ago to that would be almost $350 for April and another almost $350 for May plus the shut off fees for my number and Tim's number which would total $300, so in all that would totally over or around $1,000 to keep her account active, I cant honestly see that old lady paying that much.  She also somehow finds the $85 every month to pay her auto insurance for her car. 

Tim and I have been contemplating moving back to Central Oregon even more lately, there is just a lot that would have to be done in order for that to happen.  I think the easiest way for that to happen would be for Tim to stay with someone so he could obtain a job and save up money then we could find a place and Dante and I could move over there too.  I haven't brought this up to him yet.  But there is just a lot more that has to be considered.  My grandfather for sure.  I want to talk to my uncles about what they would want to do if Tim and I moved, they know that he cant be here alone, he wont cook, clean, or grocery shop if he is alone here.  I would hate for it to come down to him being moved into a home, but I really don't see any other option if we move cause no one else would be willing to move here and take care of him or the house.  But we miss all of our friends, we miss being able to go do things, and we just cant survive here, even my uncles know that.  There is also the fact that we have little to no furniture of our own.  We have Dante's bed and dresser, we have a dresser and could either take my old bed or my grandmother's old bed, we have an entrainment center and also a lot of miscellanies stuff.  I also have dishes, glasses, silverware, cooking supplies so that isnt a problem its just the furniture.  We need a bed, a couch or two, maybe a chair or two, we have a dinning room table just no chairs, have a desk just no chair, need a tv.  Ug just way too much hassel but has to be done, I have been scouring craigslist alot lately trying to find what we need.  Oh and we still have the issue of the car.  I have someone that is wanting to buy my toyota for $250 but he is trying to get the money still, jobs around here pay shit.  And as for my chevy once the yota is gone I will have the chev moved back here to the house and will clean in out.  I found a company that is willing to travel here to look at it and possibly give my $180 for it with free haul-a-way, which isnt bad seeing that the motor is torn apart and needs a lot fo repairs done to it.

One a good note, Tim has a job, at least for now.  I believe its just temporary but its still a job for now.  The first day he work roughly 4 hours then the next two he worked roughly 6 hours.  He is getting paid $9 an hour which is good and its just helping out a friend right now so its all as far as I know under the table.  Its not gonna be much but I hope it helps in someway.  I thinking I will just put all the money somewhere and use it towards a car or maybe just use it to spoil myself. 

All in all its been an interesting almost couple of months. 

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