Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So life is still going here and thats about it lol few things if any have changed.  Tim has been working odd jobs here and there but nothing permenant or that pays much.  It really irritates me that some of the people here wont even give him a chance.  We finally talked, kinda, about him staying with a friend over in Redmond/Bend and getting a job and saving money so we could get a place and move but there is no one that he could realistically stay with.  Not to mention if we did find someone that he could stay with and was able to save up money we still have a huge road block when it comes to getting into a place.  Tim has a record and I think half the time he forgets about it, but its always on my mind. 

Anyway, I have came to the conclusion that I must at least try my hardest to get along with my mother, at least for my son.  She showed up alone for a few days and although we had it out when she first showed up things cooled off for the rest of the time she was here.  I have agreed that she may take Dante for a few to stay with her but Im still unsure if its a good idea.  Im still extremely pissed at what she did, about her lying to me and acting like Im stupid, but there isnt anything that I can do about it. 

So as of recently I have practically threw out my workout plan and doing it freestyle, I figure since I will be in shorts alot from now one that I need to at least try to tan my legs and I may have made a good dent at it.  I layed in the sun, rotating, for a couple hours today and when outside my legs still looked stark white but a couple hours later after our walk my legs started to burn!  I pulled up my pant leg and my leg was red and hurting!  Ya just great lol so maybe for once I will have tanned legs to show off in shorts.

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