Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two Weeks Into No-Poo

Earlier on my personal Facebook page I was asked if I was happy with the results of no-pooing. My answer, TOTALLY! My hair is shinier, softer, less frizzy, easier to handle, my scalp is no longer itchy and I no longer have flakes from dry scalp. I have completely stopped using styling products and anti-frizz creams, serums and sprays. It also seems that my hair is starting to lighten up from what I came to know as my brown color to a softer brown or maybe even blonde once again since my hair was blonde when I was younger. For once in my life I am falling in love with my hair. I cant wait to see what my hair will be like after a month, then after two months and then after three months! 

Week 2 Wash 1
Week 2 Wash 2
Commerical Shampoo and Conditioner vs Two Weeks of No-Poo

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