Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OMG he didnt . . .!

Ok we took Dante back out to play in the snow tonight and as we were headed back in the house he walked over the the metal railing on the end of the porch and was just standing there or so we thought. . .We kept telling him to come on its cold but he wouldn't move and then he started to cry and my heart just sunk! I just knew what I was gonna find!  I walked over and yelled at Tim to go and get some water, Dante had stuck his bottom lip AND tongue to the bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was able to rub my finger against the bar where he was attached and get him loose before Tim got back with the water.  I was so worried from his crying that I so totally forgot I had my camera around me neck, now I am wishing I would have had taken a pic of it!  Oh not even 2 yet and already scaring the hell out of me!  Well here are some of the pics that I did take though. 

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