Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sorry I Need To Vent!

Ok so Im going to just say first off that I cheated on my fiance with one of your friends at the beginning of the year but we have worked throught that and we are still friends with him, well he knows that I still care about him and uses those emotions to his advantage and uses to get what he wants from me.  But the vent part has to do with that so called friend of ours!  We put him on our cell phone plan cause he needed a phone so his employer could contact him and so he could contact family and they him in emergencies.  Well from as much as I watch Judge Judy you would think I would no better then to not do that.  Well I have papers and texts that state that he would pay his part of the bill every month.  Well for the last 5 or 6 months he has not paid and I have let him slide cause his employer here cut his hours back, well last month he just up and moved without letting anyone know!  He now owes just shy of $300 and will not call or text or email me back!  I finally broke down and sent him a nasty email on myspace and facebook, I even left it as a comment on his facebook wall.  Well that was yesterday and have I heard from him? NO!  I finally let my mother know what was happening and she got a text from him saying that he is sending out money tomorrow! Um ya thats all good and everything but he does nothing but lie to her and he never once has said anything to me about why he hasnt paid me!  He said that he gets paid the 10th of every month at this new job but oh lookie its the 22nd!  My mom has been telling him that he needs to contact me one way or another!  I just know that he will not send out any money and I mean I told him that if he doesnt pay by the 15th of next month that the phone is being cut off and I will be filing a suit against him!  Even if he does fucking send money out tomorrow I will still be doing it unless he steps up and talks to me!... Sorry I dont know how much sense that makes but Im thinking it was just a bunch of rambling.

Here is the email I sent him:

Im sorry I have to do this but I can no longer cut you any slack. You have not paid you part of the bill for the last 5 or 6 months! You balance as of last months was $240.23 with your current charges being $28.75, that makes your new balance $268.98. Im sorry to have to do this to you but I have a child to take care of and bills to pay. I can no longer let you slide on your part of the bill. You told me that if we were ever to get together that you would always take care of me and Dante and well honestly Im glad that we are not together cause you have now proven to me that you can not handle responsibility, if you cant step up and pay your bill or even call me the day you get paid or the week you are suppost to pay me then you would have never been able to step up and take care of me or my child that you calm to love like your own. I know that it is the holiday season now but if you dont pay me by December 15th, 2010 then I will be forced to shut your phone off, I will contact the police where you are at and have them take the phone since we paid for it, and I will also being filing a suit against you for the money owed. I have warned you for the past I dont know how many months that sooner or later I will be forced to take action and now I am being forced to take that action. This has been sent to multiple account of yours, I have also left you a voicemail on your number letting you know about this so you cant use the excuse that I never gave you a heads up about this. Im sorry Robert, I really do care about you but I just cant let you slide on your responsibility anymore you need to learn a lesson and Im sorry it has to be me that does it.

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