Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well the dinner is over and Im the only one that isnt laying down napping!  We had a 15 pound turkey for my grandfather, Tim, Dante and myself.  I got up a 8 and had it stuffed and in the roaster by 10.  We had mashed potatoes with gravy (made from the broth of the gizzards and turkey neck), veggie plate, green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes, orange jello with shredded carrots in it, and dinner rolls.  We will be having pumpkin pie later.

It feels kinda funny this year not having a house full of people.  We are so used to cooking and setting a table for at least 6 people not 4.  It was hard trying to figure out exactly how much I need to make of everything so we have a ton of left overs.  We have atleast a half of a turkey, the mashed potatoes and gravy was dumped into the garbage alone with the stuffing.  The veggies hardly got touched, same with the green bean casserole (im apparently the only one that likes it), and the jello.  About half a dish of sweet potatoes are left.  Wow Im gonna be so done with turkey and everything within the next week I think we will have a ham for Christmas!  Well I think its time to look online for recipe ideas for the leftovers, anyone have any ideas?

 tim always has to have the leg and this year I cut it off at the hip joint so he got the most of it

It takes up at least half of his plate! He for the first time was unable to finish it!

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