Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Half Way There!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I hit 20 weeks pregnant! Its a big milestone to any mother that is or has been pregnant. Its the half way mark. As I hit this mark I have been thinking more and more about the labor and birth that I want. I have contacted a doula hoping to work out a payment plan and have contacted a midwife but have to find a different one since the one I choose is due the same time i am lol I have plenty of numbers I need to call and hope something falls into place. As much as I trust my OB to allow me to have the birth I want I also know that they use scare tactics to get moms to give into inductions on their time schedual and extremely dangerous to mother and baby, medical interventions that are in no way needed and can be extremely dangerous, and repeat c-sections which are so much more dangerous then a vaginal birth could ever be. Im so proud that I am educating myself this time, that I am not going to be that niave mother that believes that what ever the doctor says cause its a medical professional saying it, half the stuff they say are either lies or very very very outdated. I will never believe something that comes out of any doctors mouth without doing my own research and getting second and third opinions.

With that being said...

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