Sunday, October 16, 2011

I just feel like rambling

I dont know why but I just feel like I have so much floating around in my head but Im unable to get it all out, at least all out at once. I guess most of it has to do with this pregnancy and the timing of it, not the best but you technically have no control of the timing, if its meant to happen it will one way or another and Ive always believed things only happen for a reason. I think most of whats floating around in my head has to do with how pregnancy, labor and birth are now looked at as a medical condition almost as a disease and not a natural way of life that should be left well enough alone, how im adamently against medical intervention unless its a proven life or death situation (which the more I think about Dante's birth the more I realize his wasnt! After all when they said he needed to come now it still took them over 5 hours to prep me and get me into surgery, wow what an emergency), or how Ive done years of research on different topics pretaining to pregnancy, labor, birth and post partum (breastfeeding, keeping a boy intact, placenta ecapsulation, etc) but yet people would rather just turn a blind eye to the facts that they are presented. Trust me ignorance isnt bliss!

Im also tired of how people seem to think that once they become pregnant they dont have to take care of themselves, that they can literally eat for two, that they can eat what ever they want and eat like pigs! People wonder why Americans are so unhealthy and mostly overweight and obese, maybe if we started education people on how to take care of their bodies, on how to eat right and that pregnancy is not an excuse to be a pig we would have a way healthier population! This comes from one of the online moms group im in thats for healthy weightloss, I posted that I was no longer tracking what I was eating or calorie counting but that I was still working out by walking during the evenings and working out in the gym a few times a week at almost 20 weeks pregnant and had a women comment about how she couldnt believe it that I was pregnant and its the time for me to slack and eat practically like a pig (although not her exact words). I blew! Thats what caused me to almost lose my son, I was niave with my first pregnancy and thought it was an excuse, I ate all processed crap, drank nothing but soda and was not in the least bit active. Ya im so totally not going down that road again.

I dont know maybe its just my hormones thats making all of this soooo much worst then it is but Im seriously not understanding how people can walk around and be extremely ignorant about such important issues!

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