Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photos and more pregnancy talk

June 30, 2011; very faint positive, thought I was seeing things

The one that brought me literally to my knees, only took a few seconds for it to show up

I needed digital proof.

My first prenancy photo, I look bad in this photo but I was tired. Its my goal to document this pregnancy since its one of my regrets from my pregnancy with Dante

4 months and cant even tell lol

starting to round out alittle

So have a round belly!

I popped! Im officially looking pregnant

I can still fit into my workout shirts!

Day before the big ultrasound! I was super nervous

I was so happy and over the moon when we found out it will be another boy! I caught it before the tech even did lol Yes there was a slight disappointment over it not being a girl but truthfully I knew it was a boy and didnt care. My baby is healthy and growing and only measuring a few days ahead of my estimated due date, so the tech said it could be over a week either way before I do into labor, just hope my OB doesnt pressure me with a repeat csection or induction. Neither she has yet to know Im fully against and will refuse anything I do not believe to be needed.

Im even more dead set on keeping my placenta and having it encapsulated (made into pills). After having very bad Post-Partum Depression (PPD) I am deadset on doing everything in my power to prevent it. I dont feel like going into details or arguring over how 'gross' it is. If you want to research it yourself or just want more info on the benefits then google placenta benefits or placenta encapsulation.

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