Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dislike Coconut Oil In My Hair, Never Again!

I would rather put up with frizzy hair then stiff greasy hair from coconut oil. I did a coconut oil leave in treatment on my hair last night but coating my hair in it and letting it sit over night and most of today and then washed my hair and well I do not like it! I dont want to wash my hair again so I will just have to keep rinsing my hair every morning with plain water and hope that it works out of my hair. I mean it would be great if I want a natural styling gel but that is it. Ugg after this I cant wait to try a egg mask on my hair either later this month or next.

Ok the first one is my hair the morning after putting the coconut oil on it, it was totally still greasy and stiff.
The middle one is right after washing it, I could still tell it was super greasy and wasnt going to dry easily.
The last one is after it dried which took super long, its got a slightly stiff feeling and its greasy, not what i wanted.

First image is my hair after using commercial shampoo and conditioner.
The middle is after my second no-poo washing, i like my hair best in that photo.
The last one is after the coconut oil treatment and washing it, i do not like it at all, its too stringy looking, not soft or anything. 

1st ~ after commercial products
2nd ~ after 1st no-poo washing
3rd ~ after second no-poo washing
4th ~ after third no-poo washing and coconut oil treatment

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