Monday, November 19, 2012

Week One Of No-Poo Complete

Ok I'm a day late on this but oh well lol but yesterday marked one week of doing the whole no-poo thing. I have a love hate relationship with it so far but my hair at least doesn't seem overly greasy. Seriously though one moment my hair will look nice and in a way to were i will love it and then the next I'm a fuzz ball of frizz lol I know that I have to find a happy medium with this but sheesh this is crazy. I'm honestly starting to think that I jumped the gun with the coconut oil way too soon and threw off my hair big time. It was starting to look so nice and soft and wavy/curly till I did that and now it just seems flat and frizzy as all hell. Maybe in the next week it will start to regain the beauty that I was starting to see in it but Im not holding my breath.

Starting with this week Im going to try to only wash it a couple times and I will post the results and photos on Sunday, I will also post a photo of my hair in a t'shirt turban lol Ive been reading all over the internet how traditional towels are harsh and too heavy for natural curly/wavy hair and is the main cause of all the frizz and that a soft old cotton t'shirt is typically the best to use to dry the hair. So I dug around in Tim's dresser and found an old shirt and used it yesterday and today when I did my water rinse on my hair. I find that it actually dries my hair pretty nicely and my hair doesn't have water dripping from the ends like it did with the towel, the verdict is still out on the frizz part though. 

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