Saturday, November 10, 2012

Im Impatient, I Started No-Poo Early

Ok I know that I said I was going to wait till Sunday to start but I got bored since its been snowing off and on the last couple days and is too cold to do anything. Anyway I have photos and a comparison! So far after just one wash Im liking it. My hair doesnt seem as dry and the curls are slightly more defined, I really didnt think just one wash would make a difference but it seems it has. Im super excited to see what my hair will be like in a couple months!

Oh and also I have started this on Tim too even cause he has really bad dry scalp and Im hoping that maybe it will help him with that.

The set-up (only half amount cause this was for Tim's hair)

Before, brushed out completely natural

After my first no-poo wash

Dried natural, no serums or gells or sprays

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