Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blog Challenge ~ Day 3

Top 5 Pet Peeves

To be honest when I look at this topic my mind blanked lol I know I have plenty but I seriously had to Google and find a list of COMMON pet peeves in order to pick out the top 5 that bother me. Oh this is a great list of pet peeves.

(not in any particular order)

1 ~ Noisy eaters. Honestly I didn't think that this really was a bother to me till the last couple months. Dante my 4 year old and his father have been driving me insane. They are both noisy eaters, Dante because of course he still hasn't mastered chewing with his mouth closed and Tim I'm guessing is just a naturally noisy eater. I've found myself using a lot of self control to keep from yelling at them to be quite lol

2 ~ Someone standing over my shoulder reading the computer screen. Ok lets admit it, this is just annoying. I personally dont like and cant stand people stand behind me (yes standing in lines are hell for me!) so someone standing or sitting behind me and reading off of my computer screen or even my phone is super annoying. 

3 ~ Jerks who take up 2 parking spaces. I have been a legal licensed driver since 2005, I have not once taken up two parking spaces unless that was the ONLY option due to the assholes the seem to enjoy doing it just to irritate everyone else. I seriously do not see what is so hard about parking between two lines.

4 ~ Women who wear too much perfume. OMG this ones has to do with child hood memories lol my grandmother was a chronic over doer of perfumes and I always had the misfortune of sitting behind her in the car when we would go somewhere lol the smell would make me sick and to this day it still does. 

5 ~ Ignorant people. Yeah Im pretty sure this one is self explanatory and has stemmed from my work and research with many causes that I care deeply about. I mean what is so hard or so bad about learning something new or doing a little research on something? I just dont understand people sometimes. 

Ok now I am going to admit these probably are NOT my true top 5, although the last one does kinda have to do with them, those would relate back to my activist work related to natural birth, anti-routine infant circumcision, breastfeeding, baby wearing, attachment parenting, baby led solids/weaning, etc...

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