Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blog Challenge ~ Day 5,6, and 7 lol

Favorite Comfort Food

Comfort food... I really don't know if I can narrow it down to just one or well if I really have one. I guess when I think about it that one thing that I turn to the most when I'm feeling sad or I'm upset or what ever is Tostitos chips and jalapeno cheddar cheese dip. I mean its really one of the biggest things Ive turned to ever since my second pregnancy and other then that I cant think of anything I really crave or want as a pick me up. But crappy now is that I want some and the store here closed a long time ago lol

Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Sun Sign - Zodiac Signs\

Sagittarius, if you ready about it you will actually find a lot of different descriptions of it online but I will use the one at (click the photo to go to the page). It is said that Sags are constantly looking for knowledge and truth, I would say that is me. I'm constantly wanting to go back to school, I'm constantly researching different topics to learn about them, I'm constantly questioning what I am told or I was raised to believe. I enjoy talking to others to learn their points of views.  I'm also one that loves to travel if it means I will learn something new or expand what I already know.

I love to look at the whole picture, the entire scheme of things I guess you could say and take it all in. As much as I love for others to agree with the ideas and plans I can come up with I am also willing to listen to others. Although I also have the ability to speak my mind and not put a filter on what I say, usually what I'm thinking it what you will hear and I will also argue my points and view till I'm blue in the face. Its just who I am and if I feel strongly about something be ready to for what you may not like.

I could probably keep going and pick apart that article and add to it but I will stop. I will say that I am a Sagittarius through and through. If you want to know who I am just learn what a Sagittarius is all about.

Favorite Childhood Toy

Favorite childhood toy would honestly be a toss up between my Barbies and my two Cabbage Patch dolls. I had a ton of Barbies, I even had a convertible car, a jeep, one carry case that turned into a house, one carry case that looked like a fancy closet, a horse and a bunch of other crap lol I still have all the collectible ones that my grandmother bought me and I hope one day to either hand them down to a daughter or granddaughter. I also had two Cabbage Patch dolls. A little white girl and a little black boy. According to my mom we would get strange looks from people due to a little blond haired white girl packing around a black doll, oh well I loved him :) I still have them and their certificates and everything and I cant wait to hand them down either. I have actually been thinking of getting each of my boys one too but we will see.  

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