Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blog Challenge ~ Day 4

Views On Religion

(this is only MY view, not meant to offend anyone or place judgement on anyone)

Oh boy lol Ok well most people reading this are most likely off of my Facebook page and they should by now already know that I am a follower of Paganism. I am pretty sure I have already in my life heard everything that people say about Pagans out of ignorance since usually only those that follow it are educated about the true meaning of it, so for that reason I will link a few good articles on it at the bottom of the page.

My view is that most organized religion is corrupt. Most of those that follow an organized religion do not practice what they preach. I mean the Bible is so loaded with crap that so called follows don't even bother to follow and then become defensive when called out on it. Most (but not all) push their religion so hard on others that it turns people off to them and their religion and causes others to judge them and that religion and all those that follow it. One of the main things I guess that bugs me is that the Bible or the Lord commends that no person shall judge another person yet these God Fearing people are constantly judging others. I have also witnessed so many so called religious people that when they screw up the say it had something to do with their Lord. Now I believe that everything happens for a reason but when you keep making stupid choices that screw up your life or the life of someone else do NOT blame someone or something that didn't make that choice, you were given free will for a reason. I could literally go on and on about this but I really don't want to make people pissed at me.

See the reason I choose and have stuck with Paganism as my faith is because there are no set rules, no laws to really abide by. There are mainly common sense rules like "do what ye will but harm none" and the karma law that says if you intentionally do wrong or harm towards another it will practically come back and bite you three times as bad. I as keep saying Paganism or Pagan instead of Wiccan or Wicca or Druid or Druidism etc... because like certain organized religions there are branches that branch off from the center of the belief system. I do not personally identify with any one branch of Paganism there for I fall under the entire tree and refer to myself as only a Pagan.

Anyway I will cut off here before I say or well type something I may regret   :)  please feel free to read the links before and research my religion more.

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