Monday, March 7, 2011

Back Burner Of Life

So as I was reading through my older posts, namely the one for the beginning of the year stating all the things I wanted to accomplish this year, I have realized everything kinda either was put on the back burning of my life or just went out the window.  Im happy to say that I have still been eating better and exercising but as for starting to knit again and my 365 photo challange ya right.  I havent felt like knitting although I still want to and as for my challange I was going through my photos a realized I have a lot of days when I never took even one single photo.  I may be able to catch up but Im not sure I really want to.  I have so much on my plate right now.  We have made plans weeks in advance hoping that things fall into place.  We want Dante to stay with my aunt for a week so that we can totally clean this entire house which consists of 2 floors, 4 bdrms and 2 bthrms.  Mainly wanting all bdrms, closets bthrms and the kitchen cleaned.  Not to mention as many windows in and out cleaned.  Its a big undertaking cause I remember when my mom and grandmother used to do it and it would take days sometimes longer.  Im going to have to shampoo the floor too but that may happen this week if it stays nice and I can get everyone to stay out of the house for hours.  Oh well I guess its something that has to be done.

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