Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There is a thin line that we all agree needs defined

So on one of the site that I use daily there was a story of a women that had her water break at 22 wks and went into labor (story can be found HERE).  Well in the state were she lives its illegal to do an abortion after 20 wks to prevent undue pain to a fetus.  Well I may be anti-abortion but that's not way that law should be used.  As you read the story it explains that as the contractions continued fluid was leaked causing the baby to not be able to move and ended up being smashed by the one thing that was to protect it, the uterus.  Well the baby was eventually delivered, and only lived for 15 minutes before passing away in the arms of the mother, but after much pain that was caused to it and so much emotional pain that was caused to the parents.  I understand that the doctors didn't want to face legal actions but I'm pretty sure no matter what a judge and jury would have agreed that they would have done what was best for the baby.  Both pro and anti abortions activist agree that laws need to be changed around and more clearly defined.  I believe that abortions are wrong and that all fetus's/babies need to be given a chance and that if they are meant to live they will but that is not our choice to make.  Although don't get me wrong there are times when I believe that abortions are necessary, like in the story I was talking about.  The sad part is though that when government makes rules and laws they never take into account every scenario that can happen.  Its also sad that usually people try to find loopholes around laws but in this case they didn't and if they would have they probably would have saved that child from a lot of unnecessary pain.  I don't know maybe its just me but its not right that the only way of getting around that law is if the mothers life is threatened why do they never think about the child, oh wait that's because according to the government its not a child, not a human, its a fetus.   

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