Sunday, March 20, 2011

Trouble in Paradise

Ok ya so I wouldn't call my life a paradise but hey there has definitely been trouble.  First a couple days ago when I was playing the online PS3 game MAG (online real time multi-player war game) and I totally realized how many sexist chauvinistic pigs there are in the fucking world!  I just so happened to be the only female on my squad and all of a sudden I could hear the guys talking about 'the female'.  At first they tried a few times to vote to have me kicked out of the squad and off the game but failed.  Well the next thing I know when I'm set up in a prime location sniping the enemies I see one of my members run up behind me and shoot me in the head!  I'm all like WTF was that and accident or something and just shrugged it off then it kept happening probably a half a dozen times or more! I was pissed and started shooting at the ones that were killing me and launching rockets at them, I was totally pissed off!  Well then when I calmed down and raked up a pretty good streak of kills they finally succeeded to kick me off the squad and caused me to lose all points I would have gained!  ALL CAUSE I WAS A FUCKING GIRL PLAYING A WAR GAME! 

Well now today I got pissed off at a close friend of mine cause she told me I need to quite cursing on facebook cause some people may not like that!  Ok ya like I havent dealt with this before.  I cant remember how long ago it was but I got in a fight with one of my sisters about me cursing on MY facebook cause our little sister and brother could see it, well guess what bitch they know how to remove me if they dont want to fucking see it!  Well back to today. . . So I get fucking attacked for cursing on MY fucking facebook!  Oh my fucking god its called fucking freedom of speech!!!!!!!!!!  I will not change who I am, how I act, how I talk or what I say just to fucking appease some fucking ass!  If someone doesnt fucking like something about me then they can go fucking screw themselves and remove me from their fucking friends list!  Ugg I so hate fucking people today!!!!!

Ok so on a lighter note lol. . . Last night was the so called 'Supermoon'.  It was the closes the moon has been to the earth in 18 years.  Some places it appeared closer then others.  Here I was able to see it and get some pics of it.  I could so see that it was way brighter then it normally was cause it had the entire sky lite up drastically and I was able to get some amazingly zoomed in photos of it that I have never been able to do. 

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