Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh The Days Of My Life

ya so here i sit at 10:10 pm on a thursday night.  im still using tims computer cause mine has me stumped.  i was able to buy an external hard drive today and he moved everything that i need and want off of mine and onto it and have it hooked up to tims.  its irritating but it works for now.  i have been given permission to put some of my editing programs onto tims computer but i just dont have a mouse to do the editing with.  i also looked at computers today while we were in town and i think that i will possibly buy a new one next month if i am unable to figure out what is wrong with mine.  other then that i went and got new piercings today, they are called snakebites.  its a double lip piercing.  it hurt to have it done but now its not bad other then when im trying to eat something and bite the post.

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