Monday, January 10, 2011

01-10-2011 ~ Day Ten of Three Hundred Sixty Five

Wow it has been a long day once again.  We had Dante's 2 yr Well Child checkup today and he is doing great and catching up to where he should be in both weight and height.  He also ended up having to get three shots and just about completely filled in his shot record card and we will be needing to get a new one before his next checkup and age 3.  His doctor is so proud of him with how well he is doing for being as early as he was.  She even said that she is gonna miss seeing him a couple times a year and said she may not even recognize him next year lol. 

Any way we also ended up having Tim see one of his doctors so he could get his one RX refilled and make an appt for him next month and he also went ahead and had his blood drawn to make sure everything is fine.  So just waiting for those results to come in now. 

We also had schedualed to have some professional family and Dante pics done today and they turned out great.  Sadly I cant share any for at least 72 hrs cause the site doesnt have the processed yet and I couldnt afford to get the CD today it has to wait till the beginning of the month. 

So anyway today is the tenth day for my 365 photo project and I decided to make todays pic that of what I was able to see from the drivers side of the truck on the way home tonight.  I did stop and roll down the window to take the pic, there was no driving and photo taking at the same time.

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