Saturday, January 29, 2011

It was the straw that broke the camals back!

I told my mom about how I truly felt about her boyfriend.  Ugg it was the last straw yesterday.  I went through complete hell with my ex-husband and I know the signs of mental abuse and control when I see it now.  She doesnt do anything without him anymore.  She will not come home for even a few hours without him. She is afraid that if she goes somewhere for even a few minutes that he is going to cheat or if he leaves for a few that he will cheat.  She cant make choices for herself anymore and is always questioning everything that she does, what will he say or think.  She wont do things without his permission.  She is constantly calling me about how he is treating her and being mean to her but says that she will not leave him. 

I sent her a text earlier today saying that I would need her truck on the 1st and the 9th cause Tim and Dante had doctor appointments (she lets me use her truck till I can afford to fix my car).  Well she sent a text back saying "leave me alone", um she is the one that wanted to know what days.  Well I called her and she ignored my call, I mean hitting the ignore button and sending it straight to vm.  ugg great so I tried again and nothing then the next thing I know she is calling the house phone.  I answer and ask what, she wants to talk to my grandfather and let him know that I wont be able to use her truck and to see if I can use his car.  WTF!  She knows that he wont let me cause of how many miles are on the car.  Well I can hear her bf in the back ground tell her what to tell me.  OMG you have got to be kidding me.  Well I blew up and cussed her out and I dont remember half of what I said to her.  She started ignoring my calls again so I called his house phone and left nasty ass vms telling him just what I felt towards him.  They were something along the line of I hated his guts for turning my mom into someone that I no longer knew, that he was controlling her and that that was a form of mental abuse. 
Well I just sent her another message saying dont bother coming home that I will find a car to borrow or see if my gandfather will let me use the car and I will also be doing all of the grocery shopping so she can stay the fuck away from the house and us.  Well she just called the house and my grandfather answer and talked to her, I have no idea what she told him and he hasnt said anything to me yet.  This has so been a crappy day, week, month and year for me!

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