Thursday, January 13, 2011


I could choose just one photo for todays post.  We actually had to go get my mom who now lives like 2 hours away today so I took my time for once and would every once in awhile stop and take a photos of things that I love to see.  I have already edited some of these but I have so many photos still yet to edit that I will have to post edits at a later date.

Top of Baseline Rd near Arlington.  Im standing off the side of the current road looking down the old road.

Sitting in the truck looking over at the old water tank that used to store the city water for the town of Ione

Has to so far be my fav old farm house in Eastern Oregon.  It now sits out in the middle of fields.  I would so love one day to talk to the own and look inside of it.

Another one of my fav Eastern Oregon farm houses. This one sits just slightly outside of Ione. 

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