Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day Twelve ~ 01-12-2011

Well still going strong with the project and slowly starting to figure out what Im going to do for my resolution to start knitting again.  Im thinking of knitted a blanket for Dante and also one for the babies that I have loss due to two miscarriages.  Yes people thats right I have lost two pregnancies.  I know I dont talk about them but it cause the first I want to forget and the second wasnt all that long ago and Im still grieving the loss.  Neither of them were planned pregnancies either.  But anyway todays pic was me goofing around with my incent burners that I just bought and actually I took multiple photos and have four that I like.  I bought two new stone incent holders/burners Monday and I just love them, although I do love the lighter colored one better.  I love the first photo the best it has a black towel drapped over the bathroom mirror and down into the shelf where I sit my burners, I think it look amazing.

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