Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 24th & 25th of January 2011

So I keep finding more and more things online that Tims parents are selling and some of them are way over priced and some I so want!  The swingset they are selling would be great in our backyard, the stands that they are selling they know we could use cause we have hardly any furniture of our own.  I know that they would never give that stuff to use and I also know that they would never let us buy it from them cause of everything that has happened.  They are also selling his moms high powered telescope that they know I want.  Its about 10 yrs old and cost about 5grand brand new and yet they are selling it for 5grand.  Ok no one is gonna be stupid enough to buy a ten year old telescope for that much.  I was looking around and the most you would be able to get from it would be 500 and that is through a pawn shop.  His dad is also selling a truck bed tool box that my mom would love to have and also an engine life and a tranny lift, I would love to have those to give to my grandfather but like I said they would never sell them to us. 

So on to my project.  Yesterday was a migraine day from hell.  Dante is throwing tantrums practically all day and we are running out of ways to prevent them. 

Todays photo was more of the last minute spur of the moment kinda thing.  I had taken my camera upstairs earlier today and left it up there so when Dante went to take his bath I grab it and just started snapping photos and got this.

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