Wednesday, January 5, 2011

01/05/2011 - Day 5!!!!!!!!!

Well its 11:30 at night day 5 and I have been fighting with the site for the last hour trying to get it to load the page so I could post.  Im really starting to despise technology but I doubt that I could live without it lol.  Im so happy to say that it is the 5th day into the year and into my project and I am still at it.  I actually look for reasons to take photos now.  Im really enjoying this and hope that I am able to leave my comfort zone and start experimenting with the other settings on my camera.  Well todays photo it that of my grandparents chi/pom mix, she was born July 17, 2004 so that makes her 6 going on 7.  She is the most adorable dog I know and I am actually the one that purchased her for my grandmother as a birthday gift.  We are currently taking care of her due to my grandmother being moved into a nursing facility and my grandfather just being admitted into the hospital.  If you look closely at her face I seems that she is even smiling at the camera!

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