Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yipee!!!!!!!!!!! So doing a happy dance right now!

Well the studio where we had our family photos taken at on Monday uploaded the pics to their site a day early!!!!!!!!!! Its only the originals and not the enhanced ones but at least I can share them and let ppl see them till the beginning of February when I can get the CD with all photos including enhanced photos.  Im so happy that they turned out good and that Dante behaved.  He had three shots earlier that day and was cranky when we left COPA but took a ten minute nap between Bend and Redmond and was so good during the entire session till we told him as we were leaving that he couldnt take the football with him.  When he started to get cranky Tim said it was probably cause of the shots which I had totally forgot about.  But you will see the football in every photo that Dante is in. 

Powell Family Photos 2011

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