Sunday, January 23, 2011

Days 22 and 23 of January 2011

Well yesterday was a success in not loggin onto facebook for 24 hours straight and I still didnt log on till almost noon today.  At least now I know I can go without facebook and it was for a good cause.  I have been very happy for the last few days and I for once may owe that to Tims parents.  We got an email from then the other day stating that they are MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am so happy I just hope that they are moving far, far away!  Well yesterday I was snooping around on craigslist and went into the free section and noticed a post for a free crib with mattrass and a car seat, well we dont need those but I was drawn to open the post and low and behold it was Tim's parents getting rid of the crib and car seat they bought for when Dante was to be out there!  Yes that so means that they arent taking them with them so they have so finally gotten the point that they will not be allowed back into Dantes life after everything that they have done to us.  I also went back on craigslist today into the furniture section since we have been looking for some, I saw a post for end tables and a telephone table which we could so use but it was Tims parents again! I want them but so not that bad!  Anyway I am so happy that they are moving but I can tell that Tim is bummed cause of it.  They told him to call if he wanted their new address or anything but he just wont, he wants to show them he is his own person and doesnt need them or want then in his life.  They are his parents so its his choice but its hurting him.  I told him I dont care if he talks to them but he is not to talk about me or Dante or anything that has gone on here or that has to do with us. 

Well anyway on to my project!  First I have narrowed it down to two different blanket patterns for my knitting now its just to get the yarn that I need and to start.  Here are the photos for the 22nd and the 23rd:

January 22 ~ Chica ready for her close up

January 23 ~ Sunday News before edit

Sunday News after the edit

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